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Study: Employment Trends in Jordan 2016

A study has found that job positions in administration and finance, as well as print media, accounted for most of the labor market demand in Jordan throughout 2016, and as much as 29.1% of job postings throughout the year, followed by jobs in education, at 22.1%, and technical and manual professions, at 12.9%.
The study, conducted by the Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies, aimed to analyze employment trends in Jordan in 2016, and pinpoint the type and nature of the occupations, skills, and educational levels most in demand in the national labor market, as well as the required previous experience and the
Study results showed that, for the majority of professions and occupations, no minimum educational requirement was listed (55.2% of job postings). Also, the majority of advertised job openings (59.2%) required no proficiency in scientific disciplines, and only 3.2% concerned professionals in such scientific and research fields as chemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics – the lowest percentage of all.
It was also shown that 12.8% of job postings required good computer skills, 19.4% required some degree of proficiency in English, and 14.3% sought applicants possessing technical skills relevant to the job.
The majority of job positions (79.5%) were in Jordan, while 20% were abroad, mostly in Gulf countries.
In terms of gender, it was shown that 80.4% of job openings did not request a specific gender, while 9.7% and 9.9% of job postings required male and female applicants, respectively.
Regarding applicants’ level of experience, 62.5% of job posting listed no minimum requirements. However, 60% of jobs in IT, 53.4% in health and medical professions, and 47.7% required some previous experience. Job postings for doctors, hotel staff, and ordinary workers did not specify experience requirements.
The director of the Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies, Ahmad Awad, oversaw the team’s analysis of 2042 job positions advertised in Jordanian newspapers throughout 2016. Sampling took place over the months of January and July 2016, so as to measure labor market demand at the beginning and in the middle of the year. Job openings were analyzed according to the type of job or profession and its scientific or technical field, skill level required, gender preference, required experience, and place of work.
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