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Position paper on the occasion of the World Day for Decent Work

The Jordanian Labor Watch of the Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies incorporation with the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation issued a position paper on the occasion of the World Day for Decent Work, which is observed on 7 October each year.
The paper called to review the tax policies that expanded in the indirect taxation, depleted the purchasing power of citizens and productive sectors, squeezed aggregate demand and contributed to deepening the slowdown in economic growth.
It also called to focus on training and vocational education, and the re-examination of university specializations to make them meet the requirements of the labor market. In addition to the necessary amendments on the Labor Law to promote and activate the processes of social dialogue, through the promotion of social dialogue between representatives of employers and representatives of workers of various categories.
The paper highlighted the importance of revising the paid wage policy and giving it a social value dimension, as one of the tools of redistribution of income and not only considering it as a cost and working to revise the minimum wage towards increasing it.
The paper stressed the need to review the provisions of the labor law on trade union organization to enable all workers to organize themselves in democratic and effective unions to achieve their interests and to enable public sector workers to organize themselves in trade unions.
The paper pointed to the importance of expanding the system of social protection to include all employees, and enable them to enjoy their basic right of health insurance.
The paper concluded by calling for the development of systems for the enforcement of labor legislation to put an end to the abuses that are taking place in order to enable workers to enjoy decent working conditions.