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Labour Watch issues position paper on youth challenges

Labour Watch – In the context of its Jordan Labour Watch programme, the Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies has issued a position paper on the occasion of the World Youth Day, celebrated yearly on August 12, examining the realities and challenges faced by youth in the country, as well as their dreams and expectations.
The paper concludes that Jordanian youth are witnessing the progressive narrowing of the choices and opportunities available to them, both at present and in the future. This is largely owed to the socioeconomic issues brought about or exacerbated by successive misguided and ineffective policies, which have notably led to rises in unemployment; but also to a pervasive lack of adequate knowledge and skill levels, stemming from inadequacies within the education system as well as its disharmony with the national labour market. Additionally, there is also a lack of decent working conditions in the private sector, which is the main generator of employment in the country.
Labour Watch has called on the Government to consider the main causes behind this narrowing of opportunities available to the youth, undertake a thorough review of social and economic policies in place, namely those concerning employment and education, and develop fair and effective alternatives aimed at solving the crisis, instead of perpetuating it, such as policies promoting employment and decent working conditions.
In regards to education, the paper urged the Government to review the policies currently in place regarding all levels and subjects, pointing out that new policies will have to be harmonious with the broader efforts aimed at better regulating the labour market and improving the choices and opportunities available to the youth.