Labor Protests in Jordan 2018

The report recommended the enactment of a law to regulate trade union work in the Kingdom, including workers in the private and public sectors, in accordance with the provisions of the new Jordanian constitution for 2011, and the decision of the Constitutional Court No. 6 of 2003 and based on the texts of international treaties
The Phenix Center for Economic Studies and the Business & Human Rights Resource Center held a workshop last Monday on the respect of human rights standards, especially the labor standards in the construction sector in Jordan and Lebanon. During the workshop, several presentations were presented, including the criteria used to protect the rights of workers

Training Workshops

Decent work in Jordan 2018

Labor Watch – The Labor Watch warned of the continued high unemployment rates among Jordanian youth, which are one of the highest rates in the world. This was stated in a position paper issued by the Jordanian Labor Watch of the Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies on the occasion of World Youth Day,
The Forum for Social Protection, which was held under the patronage of the Minister of Social Development, Mrs. Hala Latouf, recommended the need to develop appropriate social protection systems and an efficient social safety net that enhancing human capital and productivity, reducing disparities, enhancing prosperity and response to shocks. The Forum which was organized in

Report: 20% drop in labor protests

The Jordan Labour Watch (JLW) has said that the decrease in the number of labour protests staged across the country during 2017 is not an indicator of improvement in work conditions but was the result of pressure exercised by government and employers. In a report it released on Wednesday, JLW said the country saw a
المرصد العمالي- كشف التقرير السنوي للاحتجاجات العمالية لعام 2107 عن تنفيذ (229) احتجاجاً مقارنة مع (288) احتجاجاً لعام 2016، لتشكل انخفاضاً تصل نسبته الى 20.4%. ويبين التقرير انه لا يمكن اعتبار ذلك مؤشراً لتحسن ظروف العمل في الأردن او توفر بيئة عمل لائق أفضل، بل يمكن تفسيره بشعور سائد لدى اغلبية العمال بعدم جدوى اللجوء